David Jensen and Ashley Taylor originally crossed paths while David was on one of his tours with his band Before Braille. “After Braille,” David started a solo project called Art For Starters. After recording a 25-song double-album titled “Drugs Made My Favorite Bands, Drugs Ruined My Favorite People,” David left the country with his loyal wife to teach English and travel throughout Asia. During this time Ashley had been working on a couple projects of her own, namely Pumphouse (brainchild of David James Taylor),  Split Lips, and Velouria.

A year later, upon returning from Asia and adding the final brush strokes to his Art For Starters solo record, David pieced together his favorite local artists for his live band. That group included Ashley, along with members of Fivespeed, Sweet Bleeders, & Dearspeak.  The Phoenix New Times did a great article on the ‘up and coming’ project. Yet, only a couple months after its inception, the Art For Starters project disbanded in 2009.

After abandoning his solo, turned group-project, David focused on his immediate attention on his college studies while he released some Art For Starters ‘B-sides’ at a friendly student price of ‘$1/each or free!’ (^click on album covers above^)  Meanwhile, Ashley stepped up her career path in the aviation world and landing a dream job. Yet, in the midst of their professional and scholastic pursuits, the two decided to revisit their musical relationship.  Presently, David is only one semester away earning his Bachelors @ NAU, and Ashley has moved up the corporate ladder @ [company name withheld], but there are a plethora of bedroom demos piling up on David’s laptop. So, only weeks ago, Ashley sifted through a group of these intimate recordings and selected her favorites to prepare for the studio.

Now, with frameworks of songs, Loyal Wife had developed into a duo seeking studio time.  In hurried preparation, David contacted his favorite local band heroes, Awake & Alert; namely Sam Hardwig, Spencer Reed, and Blake Kimball to join the dyno-duo in the studio. Always fond of these fine gentlemen, Ashley and David were ecstatic to be rehearsing with them only 3 days after the invitation was extended.

2 short weeks and 2 rehearsals after that, the band of 5 found themselves in the Flying Blanket recording studio banging out 10 songs.  And two weeks of banging produced a completed debut full-length album titled, “Faux Light.” This recording was made possible by help through KickStarter and distribution through Sunset Alliance. Originally the release was intended to be an EP, but due to the kindness of our KickStarter backers a healthy full length was born. (See the KickStarter link for Phoenix New Times story.)

An update to the Loyal Wife Story…

Since the creation of this page, Loyal Wife “Faux Light” was released on April 3, 2012 to great review. The album release was featured by the Phoenix New Times in their May 10th print issue. And worry not, David has earned his degree, with honors, from Northern Arizona University.

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