16 Aug

The soundtrack while I try to become more sure.


1 Apr

Sunset Alliance is giving a free instrumental version of our album!
Here are 5 things you can do with these new versions:


1. Download and enjoy.
2. Use the songs for karaoke parties.
3. Write your own parts and sing them to your favorite pet.
4. Get all ‘Dr. Dre’ on em.
5. Send us recordings of your ‘pet performance’ and we’ll send you a free shirt*.

*It will probably be a Loyal Wife shirt.



27 Nov

Kickstarter Backers,

This post was a long time coming. We expected more profile pics, so we chose not to post any. Not sure what kind of logic we used to come to that decision. We all make mistakes. Will you forgive your Loyal Wife?

Still grateful for you all. Those with courage to share your mugs and those w/o. And it’s never too late to share. Email

Loyal Wife - Kickstarter Backers - Profiles

You’re beautiful. Each one of you.



9 Mar

Loyal Wife took a break from taking a break and stepped into Naylor Studios last week.


Half the song is complete. We’ll update you when our amps are back on.


Chat about it on our Facebook page.



7 Feb

Sunset Alliance Records presented an idea about a mix tape compilation a few weeks ago. The track listing would be decided by vote. Listeners were asked to submit their wish list thru Facebook, Twitter and email to establish what songs would make it on to the compilation. Check out which Loyal Wife song won the popularity contest!

Sunset Alliance Mix Tape - In Lieu of the Flu

Free Download

*The ominous title of the compilation should be taken as a good luck charm against this particularly active flu season. By listening to this comp you will…

A) Rid your body of the flu, if already stricken
B) Shield yourself from the flu by these musical antibodies
C) Get 14 “fan-approved” songs for free
D) Find love
E) Find greater love, if shared
F) (The obligatory) All of the above

[*This statement has not be evaluated by the CDC, FDA or any other governing body. Product may contain milk, eggs, wheat or gluten and was made on a machine that uses nuts. Do not feed this mix tape to any animals intended for human consumption.]


15 Jan

Today, January 15, 2013, marks the 1-year anniversary of the great support and generosity we received through KickStarter. Our supporters were responsible for the completion of our debut, full length album, Faux Light.

We will always appreciate your pledges and kind support. Every time we open the record he have each of your names that we can wink at, hug, and even rub across our bodies when we are feeling particularly grateful and/or lonely.

All joking aside, you provided a way for us to present our record the way we intended and we love you for that. We hope you appreciate the rewards we sent out and you enjoy the album.  We (Ashley, Dave, Spencer, Blake & Sam) worked really hard and hope it payed off for more than just us.

2013 should have more great things in store for us!

Kickstarter thing
Please take a moment to see the list of Faux Light contributors



9 Jan


David Jensen and Ashley Taylor welcomed their two newest members of the band just before the New Year.

This restructuring will surely inspire plenty of love and angst for future restless records. Expect new music from Loyal Wife as soon as we can get Louis & Lucy to finish laying tracks on their own screamo soundtrack.


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